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Math Shelf: PreK & Kindergarten Tablet Math Program 


"Sam is obsessed with Math Shelf. Our family jokes about how Sam, a preschooler, has become a math genius and is smarter than his sister who is in first grade. Thank you Math Shelf! We love you!" PreK Parent

"I'm impressed with the math children are learning from Math Shelf."  Professor Deborah Stipek, Stanford University

"Mia can add and subtract, she knows all shapes (even trapezoids), and can count in the hundreds. And all of that effortless thanks to Math Shelf!" Kinder Parent

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Comprehensive Tablet & Mobile Phone Math Program

Math Shelf is an award winning tablet math program proven to increase young children's math achievement two years in just six months.  With over 1,500 sequenced and adaptive games and activities, Math Shelf is the most comprehensive early math learning app on the market. 

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Montessori Inspired

Math Shelf uses a Montessori approach to teach early numeracy, geometry, place value, arithmetic, fractions, money, measurement, telling time and more.  Because of Math Shelf's Montessori instructional approach, children develop number sense fluency and deep conceptual understanding. 

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More effective than other digital math programs

In a randomized controlled trial, children that played Math Shelf learned significantly more math than students that played the five most downloaded and best reviewed digital math programs.  Math Shelf's published research in peer-reviewed academic journals makes it the only experimentally proven early math tablet program. 


Make sure your child is school ready in math

Children that do well in math in Kindergarten get better grades in high school, have higher graduation rates, and earn $500,000 more over the course of their lifetimes.  Give your child the gift of early math mastery.  Try Math Shelf for free for 7 days before you purchase. 

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Individualized & Adaptive

Children learn best when the math content matches their skill and knowledge level.  Math Shelf implements a placement test to assign children games and activities on their level.  Then, Math Shelf employs embedded assessments and adaptive learning to constantly match instruction and content to each student.  At Math Shelf we believe that success breed success.  Thus, we set up children to be successful every time they play our app. 

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