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Configure Amazon Tablets for Math Shelf Classroom Use

Logistic Email Header  (Email Header) (9)
  • Register each Amazon Device (Amazon account and Internet Access required)
    1. Select language → choose Wi-Fi, enter password → type Amazon
      email/password to register device
    2. Fire Options (Check Save Wi-Fi Passwords)
    3. Skip Video Introduction
    4. Select NOT NOW option – Make this Fire kid-friendly
    5. Select NOT NOW option – Set Screen lock
    6. Select NOT NOW – Goodreads
    7. Select NO THANKS – Audible
    8. Select NO THANKS – Kindle Unlimited
    9. Select NOT NOW – Here are some free movies, tv, shows, books
    10. Select NOT NOW – Get apps and games for free
    11. Select Continue – Alexa, then Select Disable Alexa, then select Disable
  • Tap the Amazon App Store → touch the search icon (top right) → type Math Shelf: Early Math Mastery → Download app.
  • Go to the Home screen, and move the Math Shelf app to the top left corner so students and teachers can easily find it.

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 11.04.30 AM

  • Tap Settings --> Parental Controls —> Turn to On —> Create Password → Select Amazon Content and Apps →UNBLOCK - Apps & Games, Photos, Camera, and Web Browser.

    Settings screen amazon tablet
  • Return to Parental Controls → Password Protection → Wi-Fi toggle to OFF.

    Click here to print PDF instructions.

Thank you for configuring the Amazon tablets for Math Shelf. Questions: Call John Schacter (310) 779-4165.