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Math Shelf Assessment

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Why is it important to assess preschoolers' and Kindergarteners' math competencies?  Recent research shows that a child's Kindergarten math knowledge predicts their high school achievement across all subjects.  On top of that, children with high math test scores in Kindergarten earn over $500,000 more as adults versus youngsters with low Kindergarten math test scores. 

Math Shelf Assessment is a standards-based test for Kindergarten and preschool students that is administered within the Math Shelf App during the Fall, Winter & Spring.  We assess children in the Fall and Winter so that teachers can intervene early and help ensure students future school success. 

If a student is on track to meet math standards in the Fall, Winter & Spring great, provide him or her with even more challenging math content.  If a student is behind use the assessment results to inform instruction.

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How the assessment works:

  • Math Shelf Assessment is embedded in the app and requires no teacher planning, prep, or proctoring.
  • Each day the student takes a different part of the assessment.
  • Each part takes less than 2 minutes.
  • When the student completes all 5 assessment parts, the teacher can see her class results on her Dashboard.

Email me Kila Savoy to try Math Shelf Assessment. 

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