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Math Shelf Assessment

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Kila Savoy

Below is a video introduction to Math Shelf Assessments, or read below. 

New to Math Shelf Assessments? 

Math Shelf Assessment is a standards-based test for Kindergarten and preschool students.  It’s administered within the Math Shelf App 3 times a year (Fall, Winter & Spring).

The purpose of Math Shelf Assessment is to inform teachers and school leaders if each student is on track to meet math standards in the Fall, Winter & Spring.  More importantly, teachers and leaders should use assessment data to inform teaching and learning.

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How the assessment works:

  • Math Shelf Assessment is embedded in the app and requires no teacher planning, prep, or proctoring.
  • Each day the student takes a different part of the assessment.
  • Each part takes only 2 minutes.
  • When the student completes all 5 assessment parts (Classification & Patterns, Number Sense, Geometry, Measurement, and Place Value), the teacher can see her class results on her Dashboard.

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Teaching Teen Numbers

Image of John Schacter, Ph.D.
John Schacter, Ph.D.

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