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Apply for a Startup Grant

About Math Shelf

Math Shelf is an evidence-based tablet math program that produces two years of math learning in just six months. The purpose of Math Shelf Startup grants is to eliminate early math achievement gaps and provide equitable opportunities for all children to master foundational math skills.

Startup Grant Details

Startup grants are available to schools and districts serving at least 50% low- income preschool, transitional kindergarten (TK), and kindergarten students. 

Grants Include: 

  • Tablets
  • Math Shelf license fees
  • Professional development & training
  • Home access for distance learning
  • Performance reports 
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Next Steps

After you submit the application, our team will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail, and provide more information about our grant requirements. 

Startup Grant Application


Math Shelf brings a data driven approach to early math teaching and learning. It's an incredibly comprehensive and fun program.


Linda Reed
Principal, Aldine ISD

This is the most prepared our Kindergarten students have ever been for first grade math, and we know Math Shelf made a difference.

Dr. Ernie Adkins
Principal, Princeton Primary School

I've seen incredible number sense learning with Math Shelf. My students get so excited to play each week.


Elizabeth Lopez
Kindergarten Teacher, Rialto USD