Let's eliminate the early math achievement gap.

An award-winning math learning program for Pre-K & Kindergarten.

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Trusted by educators serving over 25,000 students.
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A Head Start in Math for All Children

Math Shelf is a sequenced, adaptive, and engaging early math program that prepares kids for lifelong success. 

More Learning

Kids only need to play Math Shelf for 20 minutes each week to excel, leaving teachers with more time for other in-class learning.

Proven Results

More effective than hands-on classroom teaching, 94% of Math Shelf students master Common Core  standards.

A Better Future

Preschool mathematics knowledge is the best predictor of academic success and earnings potential.

In a large-scale randomized trial, 500 children that played Math Shelf for 20 minutes per week learned one year more math than students that were taught a research-based hands on mathematics curriculum.


Montessori Inspired

Math Shelf uses a Montessori inspired approach to teach early numeracy, geometry, place value, arithmetic, fractions, money, measurement, and telling time.

Engaging Math Games

With over 1,300 games and activities to play on the tablet, Math Shelf provides high interest practice that challenges and motivates children.


Adaptive Individualized Learning

Fun and quick placement tests in the app determine where children start, then Math Shelf's adaptive learning provides sequenced individualized instruction to meet each student's needs. Ongoing placement tests will ensure kids are on track for Kindergarten & 1st grade.

Hands-On Lessons

Math Shelf offers over 300 differentiated classroom lessons with hand outs, that incorporate common manipulatives found in preschool classrooms. Children are automatically placed in small groups with others on their Math Shelf level, with individualized lessons suggested. 


Performance Reporting

 Teachers, principals and districts receive weekly performance and usage reports to enhance learning plans and support data driven decision making. 

Educators Love Math Shelf


With Math Shelf our students have a strong knowledge of math number sense crucial for the foundation to build all future math skills upon. My 4 year old daughter used Math Shelf for 7 months - always begging to play. Now she is doing double digit addition. If there was ever a program that is a must for any district to carry, it's Math Shelf.

Christine Arostigue-Manson
Director of Instruction
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Teachers and principals in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis love Math Shelf!

Mary McCoy
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Instruction

Our teachers and students are delighted with Math Shelf. It's an incredible early math learning program.

Dr. Barbara Nemko
Superintendent, Napa County Office of Education

Mia can add and subtract, she knows all shapes (even trapezoids), and can count in the hundreds. And all of that effortless thanks to Math Shelf! My daughter is more than prepared for first grade math.

Goethe Charter School, CA

You ready? Let's eliminate the math achievement gap together.

We can't wait to help.