Starting with Math Shelf

Math Shelf is all you'll need to ensure students are on target & well prepared for Kindergarten & 1st Grade math. It's simple, really.

Startup Grants

Limited Availability

Many low-income children, lack access to high-quality math resources and early math learning opportunities.

The goal of Math Shelf Startup Grants is to provide a cost effective, scalable, and easy to implement solution that will improve low-income preschoolers' and Kindergarteners' math achievement.  Grants are available to schools serving 65% or more students eligible for free lunch

Grants include:
-  Tablets
 - Professional Development
 - Math Shelf, award winning tablet math program fees
 - FreeHome Play
 - Leadership data meetings
 - DRDP & Teaching Strategies Gold Math Alignment & Reports

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Startup Grants
Apply for a Start-Up Grant

Math is a language that everyone can learn. And like learning a language, children grasp math concepts more easily when they are young.

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