What administrators, teachers, parents & students are saying about Math Shelf 

"Thumbs way up for Math Shelf! My students have been playing for six months, and beg to play every day."

Erica Bristor, PreK Teacher, Aldine ISD

"Our teachers, students and parents LOVE Math Shelf! Math Readiness has always been a weakness so to see math learning growth so quickly is awesome."

Leisa Harnar, Head Start Director, Economic Security Corporation, MO

"My son completed Math Shelf, and he loved it. Today he cut his toast into 4 pieces, and ate 1 piece, then said, 'There are 3/4ths of my toast left!' That surprised me a lot!"

Parent, Los Angeles Unified School District

“This is the most prepared our Kindergarten students have ever been for first grade math, and we know Math Shelf made a difference.”  Dr. Ernie Adkins, Principal, Princeton Primary School

Teachers Report Huge Math Learning Gains at Princeton Primary School

Princeton Primary School Kindergarten teachers knew they were on to something when students started choosing to stay in at recess to learn math.  “I couldn’t believe it!” said Principal Ernie Adkins, “The students enjoyed playing Math Shelf so much that they asked to play during in door recess.”

Before implementing Math Shelf, teacher Heather Steele described that “Every year my Kindergarten students had a hard time learning basic math skills.”  After the Kindergarten team started implementing Math Shelf, teachers noticed that their students' math understanding started to ‘click.'   Skills such as addition, subtraction, and place value, which were a challenge in the past, came more easily. “I love Math Shelf!" shared Kindergarten teacher Kendra Kelly. "It’s engaging, easy to use, and meets each student’s needs.”  Teacher Heather Steele chimed in, “Math Shelf has done an amazing job helping my students build and practice foundational math skills.”

When students that used Math Shelf in Kindergarten moved on to first grade, teachers reported dramatic math achievement gains.  “This has been the most prepared group of first graders that I have ever had in math (Mr. Bailey) . . .  Our STAR Math scores are higher than I have ever seen (Ms. Lambert) . . . My class has shown improvement on our county wide math assessment this year compared to classes in the past (Ms. Woods).” 

Finally, Princeton Primary School parents saw big math learning growth in a short amount of time. "My daughter loves Math Shelf, and is learning lots of math skills!  She sees it as playing games instead of practicing math,” said Meranda Odey.  Parent Tonya Hilling shared, “Math Shelf was easy to use at home, and was very helpful with my child's math learning." 

2021-2022 Results
By March 4, 2022, Princeton Primary Kindergarteners have played 123,588 Math Shelf games, and over eighty percent of students have mastered the Kindergarten math standards.  "Math Shelf works!” Principal Adkins exclaimed.  "I highly recommend this program.”  


  • Princeton Primary School
  • 68% students free/reduced lunch
  • 502 students PK to grade 2
  • Mercer County School District


"Math Shelf brings a data driven approach to early math teaching and learning. It's an incredibly comprehensive and fun program."

Linda Reed, Principal, Aldine ISD

"I've seen incredible number sense learning with Math Shelf. My students get so excited to play each week."

Elizabeth Lopez, Kindergarten Teacher, Rialto USD

"Mia can add and subtract, she knows her shapes (even trapezoids), and can count in the hundreds. And all of that effortless thanks to Math Shelf!"

Parent, Lynwood Unified School District