Math Shelf makes an impact. Kids learn 2 years of math in just 6 months.

Our evidence-based tablet math program eliminates early math achievement gaps.

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Outperforms research-based hands-on math instruction.

In a large-scale randomized trial, 500 children that played Math Shelf learned nine months more math than students that were taught a research-based hands on mathematics curriculum.

STUDY: Improving preschoolers’ mathematics achievement with tablets: a randomized controlled trial

Improving preschool math achievement
Improving low-income math achievement

Amazing outcomes for English learners and low-income children. 

English Language Learners that played Math Shelf for 18 weeks learned one year more math than students that received classroom mathematics instruction.

STUDY: Improving low-income preschoolers mathematics achievement with Math Shelf, a preschool tablet computer curriculum

More effective than other digital math programs.

In a randomized controlled trial, children that played Math Shelf learned six months more math than students that played the five most downloaded and best reviewed digital math programs.

STUDY: A Randomized Trial of a Prekindergarten Tablet Number Sense Curriculum

Kids learn more math

Only 48% of low income children are ready for school at age five. Let's make early math inequities a priority and eliminate disparities in educational outcomes.

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