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Celebrating Student Sucess with Math Shelf Certificates

Image of Kila Savoy
Kila Savoy

Celebrate your students' accomplishments with Math Shelf certificates. 


At Math Shelf we believe in rewarding students' effort. Throughout the school year, we encourage teachers to celebrate student success with Math Shelf Certificates!  Recognizing your students helps them and their parents feel proud and excited about learning.

282558725_5162441260530405_4395299172768851304_nIn this blog post we share  pictures of students receiving Math Shelf certificates, and in the video below we show teachers how to create Math Shelf certificates to recognize and reward student achievements.  Some schools hold special award assemblies for their Math Shelf students.  We've also heard of classrooms having  cupcakes and popsicles to celebrate children's math success.

You can access all the Math Shelf certificates directly from your Math Shelf Dashboard. Our different printable versions allow you to celebrate effort, improvement, achievement and completion of the Math Shelf program.

In the video below are step-by-step instructions on how to quickly print or email multiple certificates- especially useful when preparing for mid-year or end-of-year celebrations.   Lastly, certificates are available in English and Spanish!



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