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Historic Math Losses on 2022 Nation's Report Card


Today, every major news outlet in the United States reported on the largest math achievement declines in our nation's history.  Math Shelf can help turn around these dismal results by preparing preK, TK and Kindergarten students for future math success.  Read the headlines below, but more importantly consistently implement Math Shelf in your classroom to help your students recover from the pandemic's math learning loss. 

Student test scores plummeted in math and reading after the pandemic, new assessment finds

Math and reading scores for 9-year-olds in the US fell between 2020 and 2022 by a level not seen in decades, a foreboding sign of the state of American education two years after the Covid-19 pandemic began.  Read the full article from CNN.

Math Scores Fell in Every State, and Reading Dipped on National Exam

The results, from what is known as the nation’s report card, offer the most definitive picture yet of the pandemic’s devastating impact on students math learning.  Learn more from The NY Times.

American test scores prompt 'a moment of truth' for schools

American student test scores plunged by historic levels during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting soul-searching among education figures to chart a future path for the country’s schools. Read the full article from Politico.

Test scores across U.S. reveal ‘heartbreaking’ pandemic declines, with math hit hardest

The standardized test scores are especially concerning given that before the pandemic experts were already sounding the alarm about high rates of students across the nation not meeting basic proficiency in reading and math.  Visit LA Times to learn more.

Reading and math test scores fell across US during the pandemic. How did your state fare?

Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show dramatic and sobering declines in math and reading scores for the nation's fourth and eighth graders, laying bare the ways pandemic-related disruptions damaged American students' ability to learn.  Check out the full article at USA Today.

Scores fall coast to coast, especially in math, under pandemic’s toll

Student test scores declined across the country, particularly in math, and not one state saw an increase, according to the most comprehensive look at the impact of the pandemic on student achievement to date.  Visit the Washington Post to read more.

US math, reading test scores plunge for students across country following COVID-19 pandemic

Math scores saw their largest decreases ever, while reading scores dropped to levels not seen since 1992 for fourth and eighth graders across the country, according to the Nation’s Report Card.  Read the article at Fox News

Scores nationwide crater on national math test

Nationwide scores plummeted in math and fell significantly in reading in 2022 on the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP, providing new evidence of the pandemic’s unparalleled impact on student learning and reinforcing calls for extra help for students who have fallen behind.  Check out the full article at Ed Source.