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Math Shelf Reviews

We love reading positive reviews about Math Shelf's instructional approach, high levels of student engagement, and wide variety of Montessori math activities and games.  Math Shelf also appreciates how reviewers praise our individualized learning approach, which is designed to maximize each student's math potential.  

But the most important thing that we have not read in reviewers' articles is that children that play Math Shelf learn 2 years of math in just six months.  Math Shelf is the only tablet math program, proven through three peer-reviewed published research studies, that eliminates early math achievement gaps.

That's why Dean of Stanford University's school of education exclaimed, "I'm impressed with the math children are learning from Math Shelf."  It's also why Math Shelf has received impact investments from The Valhalla Foundation, Heising-Simons Foundation,  and won the Silver Medal from over 3,000 applicants for Best Educational App from Re-imagine Education.  

We are grateful for the positive reviewer articles.   We hope future reviews of Math Shelf address our proven track record of dramatically improving young children's math achievement and our efforts to eliminate early math achievement gaps.

Read reviews of Math Shelf below: