Teach Emerging Math Learners These Skills Before Teaching Numbers

Image of John Schacter, Ph.D.
John Schacter, Ph.D.

When I work with early education teachers, the first question I ask is, "What math skills should you teach young children first? "  Their answers usually include: counting, numbers, number sense, patterns and shapes.   

While all of these early math skills are important, most children won't be successful in learning them unless they can first understand the concept of similarities and differences. 

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Save Time with Math Shelf DRDP and Teaching Strategies Gold Math Reports

Image of Kila Savoy
Kila Savoy

As every preschool teacher knows the DRDP and Teaching Strategies Gold are time-intensive observational assessments that need to be filled out for each child in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  These assessments require observing, documenting, and rating each child on dozens of motor, social-emotional, and cognitive skills three times a year.  Imagine if Math Shelf could observe, document and rate each student's math criteria for the DRDP and Gold automatically and create a ready-made report for every preschool teacher in your center and organization.  

Well, imagine no more, because now Math Shelf has a DRDP and Teaching Strategies Gold math report.  These reports automatically observe, document and rate each child on the math criteria every day of the year.  Math Shelf does all this work, so preschool teachers can spend their time on what's most important, teaching!  

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